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  • Nanny

    A nanny is an individual who is responsible for taking care of all aspects of a child’s needs and development. Our nannies are highly experienced and have training in child development and childcare.

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    • An Overseas Nanny typically earn between £650 - £1,000 per week based on previous experience, working hours and extent of responsibility. Working days and hours vary depending on the requirements of the client and are agreed prior to commencement of employment.

      A Nanny:

      • May undertake light household duties.
      • Be responsible for the emotional, psychosocial and educational needs and development of a child in their care.
      • Encourage a loving and nurturing environment.
      • Organise and coordinate leisure activities.
      • Act in Loco parentis if parents are away.
      • Escort children to and from school.
      • Take care of a child’s physical needs such as dressing, bathing and preparing healthy meals.
      • Assist parents in implementing a routine.
      • Organise stimulating and interactive activities.

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