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  • Tutor

    As a Tutor/ Teacher you will be expected to provide assistance with homework and extra tuition in all subjects of the curriculum with a particular focus on core subjects Maths, English and Science.

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    • Tutor

      Tutors are individuals who are highly educated and specialised in a particular subject. Tutors often have a teaching background and are able to assist students academically by means of providing extra tuition on a one to one basis. A tutor may be employed by a family to assist with a student's homework after school in a variety of subjects such as Maths, English and Science, provide extra support in the acquisition of English as a Second Language, or concentrate on preparing the student for an important test or exam such as SATs and GCSEs.

      An overseas tutor typically earns £700 - £1,300 per week based on previous experience, working hours and extent of responsibility. Working days and hours vary depending on the requirements of the client and are agreed prior to commencement of employment.

      A Tutor:

      Generally gives one to one tuition in the family home or meets students at an agreed location.

      Will have a teaching background or have expert knowledge of the subject they are teaching.

      Encourages a positive, engaging and interactive learning environment.

      Devises and implements regular assessments in order  to measure a student's progress,

      May teach English as a Second language, prepare a student for an important exam, give tuition in a variety of core subjects or develop student's knowledge in one subject area.

      May liaise with Teachers if the student attends school or university.

      Should be approachable, patient and have excellent communication skills

      Travel with the family, particularly during vacation periods.

      Be employed on a part or full time basis.

      Live in the family/client's home or live out in accommodation nearby.

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